SI 50 by PEI Group

The Secondaries Investor 50 (SI 50) is a ranking of the top secondaries fundraisers in private equity. It is a joint project between two titles published by PEI Group: Private Equity International, a print and online publication that covers all facets of private equity, and Secondaries Investor, an online-only publication that delves more specifically into the secondaries market. Every September, Private Equity International runs its annual secondaries special, a key feature of which is the SI 50 ranking.

The SI 50 brings together the work of PEI Group’s research and analytics, editorial, production, and design teams, who collaborate to create an eight-page special report that is both industry leading and visually spectacular.

The joint project takes place over several months, and involves multiple stages:
• the data outreach process, where the R&A team contacts scores of secondaries firms to gather their fundraising data; the data cleaning stage, where the final figures are tallied and compiled into the SI 50 list;

• the editorial stage, where PEI Group’s team of editors and reporters dissect the ranking and speak to market sources about what the results mean for the industry at large;

• and the finally design stage, where PEI Group’s designers work closely with the editors to find a visual analogy that delivers on the theme of the feature derived from the data analysis plus, working in parallel with the copy to catch readers attention and enhance engagement with the SI 50 data elsewhere in the feature. This could be focused on growth in the market, or changes to the leader board, but in the case this year, ‘mountains’ to climb for other managers on the SI 50 to break into the top ten which has been stable for several years – see supporting charts.

The SI 50 is widely regarded as the leading fundraising ranking in the secondaries market.