Live Long, Work Long: Life Expectancy And Retirement Across OECD by Visualising Korea

Population ageing, driven by rising life expectancy, is a problem in all developed countries. Our interactive visualisation enables users to sort countries by life expectancy (purple circles). But it also enables them to sort countries by retirement age (green circles for legal and brown for effective retirement age) as well as the difference between retirement age and life expectancy (bars in the middle) to see how much of old age life is spent in the labour market. These comparisons show surprising results in light of existing knowledge. It’s been reported that Korea will be the first country where life expectancy will exceed 90 years; it also has one of the lowest legal retirement age in OECD. Thus it seems that elderly in Korea are particularly lucky to live long after retirement. But when effective retirement age is considered, there is only one country where people have fewer years to live after retirement than in Korea.

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