El Sabor de la Data, mexican cuisine through data by X-DATA

X-DATA’s Data Lab, a Mexican data analytics studio, is the place of experimentation that led to the creation of the first data visualization project focused on Mexican gastronomy and which was released on web3 as NFT’s.
“El sabor de la data” is a tribute to the mix of knowledge and flavors of Mexican cuisine.
Mexican handicrafts, called “tree of life” were used in colonial times to tell the origin of life, a concept that inspired the scrollytelling of this project.
Throughout the journey of these visualizations, the origin of Mexican gastronomy is explored taking chili and corn as protagonists.
Through a hyperbolic tree graph, we can visualize the analysis of the chili species that exist in the Mexican territory, as well as the different names by which they are known throughout the country and the relationship between their fresh and dry versions, while we compare its level of piquancy using the Scoville Scale.
Later on, a diagram of strings without tape is shown where the wide variety of corn that exists in Mexico is displayed, its classification by races, species and the different uses that can be given to it, from food or beverages to pigment and fuel.
A selection of representative dishes of the culinary diversity that characterizes Mexico was made and their ingredients were visualized in a radial dot diagram.
All these graphs were developed with D3, which allows the user to break down the barrier and turn it into an invitation to navigate freely through the data and make their own observations to open the way to their own analysis.
From this project, 3 collections of NFTs were developed.
The first is an abstraction of each of the selected dishes, drinks and desserts through proportional area graphics, this collection of more than 200 NFTs can be randomly minted from the site: https://x-data.mx/roadmap
The second collection was a collaboration with renowned Mexican chefs and mixologists who designed a dish with ingredients that reminded them of their roots. A visualization of the anatomy of each dish was made with all the ingredients used. The main challenge of this collection was to bring an experience as physical as food, in which all the senses are present, to a virtual world through NFTs that were auctioned on the day of the launch event of this project.
The third and last collection is made up of the visualizations present on the website and their respective programming code in D3, so the creditor of these NFTs can virtually have the construction of these interactive graphics.
This comprehensive project crossed all borders as it also participated in a face-to-face event, which allowed us to venture into the world of dataviz facilities and join our guests in an experiment on their personal experience regarding the hotness of 5 Mexican sauces and their relation to the documented Scoville scale, creating live data.

You can see the details of the project here: https://x-data.mx/sabordeladata/en/