Construction Of Braces by Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts

Unconsciously, the name "small steel teeth" has been with me for nearly two years, from the initial worry, tension, and some unacceptable; To later slowly adapt to slowly accustomed, and then to the present part of life. The significance of braces for me is not only the beauty of my teeth, but also the bearing of many memories and stories, as well as the record and witness of these two years. As soon as the braces are going to be removed, I am a sensitive and somewhat ritualistic person, and even a little reluctant to remove it. Therefore, I will take this information design as a medium of saying goodbye. I also hope that through my unskillful first information design, those friends who are just as worried and confused as I was at the beginning can have a little help. Your braces friends will also help you record your stories.

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