Natural Resources Inventory For Queensland by Truii

The Natural Resources Inventory is an interactive collection of metrics and data visualisations that depict the stock, value and use of Queensland’s natural resources.

It is the world’s first fully digital natural resources inventory, drawing on extensive open data about the state’s land, water, vegetation, geological and energy resources.

Based on over 100 datasets relating to 19 vital resources, the Inventory displays over 9000 unique metrics, including related data and supporting information.

The Inventory is structured around major resource themes, allowing users to explore topical issues at a whole of state level. Users can drill down to local government area, watershed or geological basin reserve level to gain a local perspective of resource availability.

The application was designed as an entry point for investors, journalists, students, industry groups and government employees to explore natural resources and their use.

The Inventory was designed and developed by Truii (including hundreds of hours of data wrangling) for the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy. Data will continue to be updated into the future and improvements will be made according to user needs.

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  • Credits
    Tory Grice (Design and project lead - Truii); Nick Marsh (Data wrangling - Truii); Viet Phung (Development - Truii); Fiona Woodger (Project management - Queensland Government); Mathew Jardine (Project management - Queensland Government); Elizabeth Billing (Project management - Queensland Government); David Shankey (Project champion - Queensland Government); Heather Sparks (Water resources domain expert - Queensland Government); Simon Conlon (Land and vegetation resources domain expert - Queensland Government); Jason Scott (Geological resources domain expert - Queensland Government); David Sinclair, Lucinda Wood and Liz Derrington (Energy resources domain experts - Queensland Government)
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