Viral Climate by Helen Greenwood

Climate change poses many risks to human health one of which is increased risk of infections. This poster presents data linking climate change to viral infections. As a researcher I was keen to present data from an academic context in a way that would engage and inform someone who was not a specialist in the field. My goal was to draw attention to the issue and provide an overview of the findings. I presented data from an article in Nature Climate Change by Mora et al (2022) which reviewed empirical evidence on how climate hazards effect human disease. I narrowed my focus on viruses to allow me to map each individual virus to the climate hazards it had been linked to.

The main visualisation was created using Adobe Illustrator and a circle grid to draw the lines connecting viruses and climate hazards. The climate hazards are represented by the 10 circles in the left lower corner. Their size is proportional to the number of diseases they are associated with. The 77 diseases are listed round the rest of the circle. There are a total of 230 connecting lines showing how each disease is linked to one or several hazards.

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