The Floral Patterns & Lifecycles Of Plants by Kate Snow

Structuring and organising information has always been a way to familiarise myself with new things. It’s how I understand and interact with information systems around me. It’s also how I learn new things. So after moving to a new house (in a new country) I realised I didn’t recognise half of the plants in my new garden nor did I know how or when to prune these unfamiliar plants. After researching these plants, I decided to create a visual guide to be able to reference in the future in order to maintain my garden.

This visualisation shows the diverse floral patterns (inflorescences) and seasonal lifecycles within a sample of plants common to Northern Europe. This new visualisation method will help gardening professionals and enthusiasts design and maintain their gardens by providing a clear overview of flowering and pruning periods, average height, seasonal foliage, and floral characteristics.

- Kate Snow

Kate Snow Design
Kate Snow Design combines a passion for complex information and concepts with a unique visual and typographic style to create insightful and engaging visual solutions. Our working method is characterised by an analytical, conceptual and an especially transparent approach. Because content drives the story, beginning with an open dialogue with the client and immersion in the content are essential steps in developing an exclusive narrative. This results in insightful, approachable and engaging visual design.

KSD was established by Kate Snow in 2011 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Kate was born in the US and earned her M.A. in Editorial Design at the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design. The firm works with a variety of regular clients and project-based clients both in the Netherlands and the United States. Our clients range from young start-ups to large established companies. We collaborate with a broad network of programmers, motion-graphic experts, illustrators, and other visual specialists in Utrecht and around the world.

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