Visualising Fairytales by Muskeen Liddar

I produced a series of posters illustrating the narratives of well-recognised fairytales: “The Three Little Pigs”, “Cinderella” and “Goldilocks and The Three Bears.” I have visualised these narratives through the use of shape colour and typography.

I explored these narratives by mapping each letter from the story to a coloured square. I then explored the similarity and variation within the colour patterns that I have created.

I decided to explore these stories because they were familiar from my childhood, and I was interested in how I could visually engage with them at a different point in my life (age 18). The fact that the stories are well known, further allowed me to offer a unique perspective and convey the narrative more ambiguously.

I further felt that these stories were interesting to explore, because of the repetitive language and story structure. I was intrigued by how I could visually show these language patterns through colour and additionally decided to show similarity by representing all vowels as the colour yellow.

I created these pieces using the programming software ‘NodeBox’ to create an algorithm which mapped the colour values in my key to each letter. I then exported this to Adobe Illustrator where I worked on my poster layout and design aspects.

One of my influences was ideas of blackout poetry, and how a narrative can be conveyed through blacking out details and focusing on particular/selective words. I aimed to interpret this in my work by selecting keywords in the narrative which were written rather than represented through squares (blocked out)

Through creating these posters, I realised the different language patterns and how I could apply them to create visual drama and unravel the narratives in unique ways. I found it interesting to visually present the patterns I found in the text, and interpret the language in a visual way.

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