From The Influenced To The Influencer by Analytics Quotient (AQ)

History always repeats itself, and the fashion industry is certainly no exception to this rule. Over the years, trends have been recycled decades down the line.

What’s interesting, though, is how these trends have been reflective of the time period they existed in.

Let’s take fashion as our lens where we bring in the social, political and economic situation of each era under scrutiny!

The Influenced to the Influencer consists of 8 eras, 8 characters and 8 profiles. We have selected 8 decades that are significant in the history of fashion.

Every decade is represented by a character that represents who stands for the fashion and behavioral trends of their respective eras.

Browse through the characters and their stories!

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    Design: Neerav Naik - Lead, Consulting Practice; Archana Easwaran - Group Lead, Visual Design & Communication; Rishika Murthy - Lead, Visual Design & Communication; Chrystal Donata Lobo - Lead, Visual Design & Communication; Krithika Balaraman - Visual Design & Communication Specialist; Suslov TG - Visual Design & Communication Manager; Naveen Narayanan - Visual Design & Communication Specialist; Debajyoti Mondal - Visual Design & Communication Specialist; Rajkishor Prasad - Visual Design & Communication Specialist; Development: Vineeth Vijayan - UX Architect; Ali Yawar Pasha – UX Architect; Krishna S - Visual Design & Communication Specialist; Praveen Kumar Rai - Software Engineer; Sambasiva Mukkadala - Solution Architect; Vikram Kamath - Tech, Lead
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