Cartography Of The Digital Humanities Conference

Language is an extension of individual identity, as vocabulary is freely chosen on social, cultural, and economic base.

This map presents the Digital Humanities Conference 2019 through its authors, which are arranged according to their lexical distance.

All the conference papers were collected and analyzed using Natural Language Processing methods. Then, authors are displayed according to their similarity. Computed keywords are visualized between each couple of authors, pointing out the most relevant term between them; zooming allows users to discover further keywords, which are hidden from a distant view to maintain readability. Finally, the elevation layer shows the density of articles; authors with many publications figure as peaks, representing the most influential scholars.

This visual method is a powerful way to grasp the whole conference at one; the hope is that this map won’t be employed just as a retroactive way to reflect on past events, but rather as an instrument to prepare the visit and orientate the attendees during the conference.

The entrant has supplied multiple files for this work:

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