Uncomfortable Questions Concerning Space And Time by Kantar Health

We feel awkward when we see empty space. Even if we wanted to, we can’t fill the space below because only one female athletics world record has been broken in the last 28 years in 9 events associated with speed and power. This 28 year hiatus coincides with the end of the state-sponsored
doping program in East Germany in 1989 and the introduction of randomised drug testing globally in 1990. This empty space raises serious questions about the legitimacy of these records and makes a strong case for resetting them.

What about the data for male athletics? Well, in the 28 years since the introduction of randomised drug testing, men have broken records 32 times in the corresponding events! Whilst anabolic steroids have increased performance amongst male athletes and numerous doping offences have been uncovered, the lack of baseline testosterone in women appears to result in greater incremental benefits from taking these drugs.