Global Map of Accessibility by Vizzuality

The Global Map of Accessibility is an interactive map that lets you view the travel time between almost any point on Earth and the nearest population centre of 50,000 or more people. The data comes from a study published in Nature which reported that 80% of the global population lives within one hour of a city. In addition to predicting access to services essential to human wellbeing and development, the map can also be used to identify where the world’s wild places remain untouched by humans.

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    In collaboration with the University of Oxford’s Malaria Atlas Project, the Joint Research Centre of the EU, Google, and the University of Twente. Weiss, D.J. (project design, project management, assembled input data, created output data), Nelson, A. (project design, assembled input data), Gibson, H.S. (project design, data visualization), Temperley, W. (assembled input data), Peedell, S. (project design), Lieber, A. (project management), Hancher, M. (project management, algorithm development), Poyart, E. (algorithm development), S. Belchior (project management), Rozier, J. (data visualization), S. Estella (project design coordination), D. Caso (design), E. Brett (front-end development), A. Arenzana (Data Scientist), B. A. Laken (Data Scientist), D. González (Project Conceptualization)
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