We Are Alone Are We? by Barcelona Supercomputing Center

WE ARE ALONE ARE WE? is a set of four visualizations on the questions behind the search for extraterrestrial life: Is there any? How could we reach them? What would they look like? And how would we talk to them?
WE ARE catalogs at the aliens we have imagined in TV and film, ALONE is a virtual reality data experience of all exoplanets discovered up to now, ARE WE is a sonification and visualization of the Drake equation, and ? is a visualization of the conversation with an artificial intelligence

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    Juan Felipe Gomez (project manager, programmer, and sonification) Diana Fernanda Velez García (lead information designer) Irene Meta (designer) Luz Calvo (UX and programmer) David García (VR programmer) Andres Locatelli (sound design and sonification) Feliu Serra (AI programmer) Fernando Cucchietti (AI programmer and sonification) Concept: All of the above plus Artur Garcia, Carlos Carrasco, and Guillermo Marin.
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