The Music Chronicles by Analytics Quotient (AQ)

We have a created a platform featuring 50 years of Billboard US Top 100 (1965-2015) showcasing 50 years, 5000 songs, 2500 artists and 5 emotions.

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    Neerav Naik (Product Lead) Archana Easwaran (Group Lead, Marketing & Visual Communication) Rishika K.Murthy (Lead, Marketing) Phoebe Neula Fernandes (Assistant Marketing Manager) Chrystal Donata Lobo (Lead, Visual Communication) Vineeth Vijayan (Visual Communication Specialist) Ali Yawar Pasha (Visual Communication Specialist) Arul Britto (Visual Communication Manager) Suslov TG (Visual Communication Specialist) Harish Vinnakota (Domain Consultant) Vikram Kamath (Tech, Lead) Amit Kumar Karmakar (Lead Engineer, Tech) Jhansi Rani E (Software Engineer, Tech)
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