Indice Di Sportività 2018 by Il Sole 24 Ore

Sportivity Index is a survey made by Clas-PTS Group and published by Il Sole 24 Ore. For the 2018 edition for the first time we made a strong effort on the web side (the survey has been published on the paper version for many years). We made an interactive web page, for mobile and desktop, with a podium and top 20 for the general index and for every category (team sports, individual sports, sport and society) and subcategory (soccer, swim, sports and kids, etc). Then is possible, for readers, to see where is their province in the ranking with an interactive graph. Furthermore we have a map of Italy where to find out the distribution of the general and special index. In the end is possible to made every comparison between provinces for every category. We worked together – journalists, developers, designers, seo experts – with the idea that a collaborative project would have been a better project.