Colour Wheel Calendar 2013 by Ghin Liew

This is the 5th Edition of the Colour wheel calendar designed by London based Creative ghin. The poster is a typographical exploration of the conventional calendar.

By using the colours of the colour wheel to separate the months, it is a Gregorian calendar that also incorporates a fully comprehensive graphical lunar cycle, solstice and equinox ring, as well a simplified Chinese calendar. Together this information is envisaged into a circle allowing you to view the whole year at a glance. The calendar also includes the Hebrew, Hindu, Chinese, Buddhist, Gregorian, and Islamic years counts. ghin has also incorporated these religions holy dates on a additional interfaith edition of the colour wheel calendar.

ghin designed the Colour wheel calendar due to his frustration with the way calendars only allowed him to view units of seven days or a month at a time. It came to him in a dream while studying gamelan in Bali 2008, the design lays out the calendar on a single page and combines several different calendars in one form. If you mark it with a white pen, you will be able to see the rhythms of your life. This enables the viewer to start making new associations and perceptions between cycles, rhythms, events and time in general. Hopefully allowing one to plan one's life accordingly.