Hipster Road Trip by Hyperakt, Ekene Ijeoma

We couldn't resist this one. We admit it. We love MINI. Most normal car brands don't have much personality, but MINI is not normal. It's feisty, it's fun, it's joyful and it's not afraid to be different. To celebrate this "not normalness", we came up with a series of road trips illustrating that the America we live in can also sometimes be not normal. We had so much fun illustrating each of the road trip stops that we turned them all into posters, too.

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    Creative Direction/Design/Illustration/Research/Copywriting: Deroy Peraza, Design/Illustration: Margaux Le Pierrès, Jason Lynch & Wen Ping Huang, Design/Illustration/Research/Copywriting: Aymie Spitzer & Eric Fensterheim, Research/Copywriting/Project Man
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