Clean Water by

An interactive map of the pollution of rivers in Ukraine based on data from the State Agency of Water Resources. There are more than 400 river water control points on the map. You can view up to 16 pollution parameters, as well as find out how its level has changed over five years.
We have mapped the largest river basins in Ukraine. The user needs to click on one of the rivers basins in the menu on the left to start working with the map.

After a click the map removes all the extra information and leaves only the chosen basin and icons (in the form of "flower") on it. The icons on the map indicate the places where employees of the State Agency of Water Resources take water for analysis. If the petals of "flower" are pink, then the pollution exceeds the norm. You can zoom the map with a double click.

If you click on the icon, a new window with a graph and an enlarged "flower" appears on the screen. On the graph, you can track how the concentration of the pollutant has changed in the past and what it is now. As for the "flower", each of its petals represent a certain parameter for assessing the quality of water. On the petals can click to see the graph for the selected indicators. The blue color of the line graph means that the value is within the normal range. The pink part of the line may have different shades depending on how much the indicator exceeds the norm. The brighter the line, the greater the excess.

The "eye" icon above the graphic will switch the display of a large flower to the version for users with visual impairments. In this version, the petals with a diagonal strip indicate improper quality of chosen indicator, and the petals with the point are of satisfactory quality.

To return to the previous (small) scale, click on the mini-map of the chosen basin to the left of the main map.

Above the map is the button "Who is polluting the rivers in your area". Click on it and select your area from the list. You will receive a list of enterprises that, according to the official data of the State Agency of Water Resources, pollute the rivers in your region. These enterprises are responsible for a significant part of the pollution in the rivers. Unfortunately, data on the exact coordinates of the places where they release pollutants are absent.

You can also use the interactive instruction. The appropriate button "Run an interactive instruction to using the map" is in the lower right corner of the map.

The mobile version only shows a general picture of the quality of water in the basins of the Ukrainian rivers, so we recommend viewing the project on a large screen (computer, laptop).