Turncoats in the House of Representatives by Café.art.br

From 3/8/2018 to 4/4/2018, Brazilian Congressman had a free pass to change Parties without running the risk of losing their mandate due to partisan infidelity.

Since campaign donations by businesses are no longer allowed by Brazilian law, getting a new Congressman is great for the Parties because it directly impacts the amount of public money they are entitled to receive from the Partisan Fund and the Electoral Fund. Money that is primarily used for campaign spending.

Turncoats is a simple and independently-made, data visualization that shows the economic impacts of this party swap, placing a value on each Congressman's "pass".

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    Concept: Café.art.br Creative director: Leandro Amorim Design manager: Henrique Ilidio Design lead: Erlan Carvalho Design assistant: Gabriel Lira Design assistant: Gabriela Alcoar Design assistant: Rayssa Melo Design assistant: Renata Guterres Design assistant: William Frésia Development: Edison Medeiros - Grama.cc Development assistant: Guilherme Lobo Design consultant: Kenzo Mayama - KMK Studio Methodology review: Patrícia Gomes
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