Flights to Rome by Moovel Group

“Flights to Rome” is a data visualization art project showing the entire global mobility network of flight and road infrastructure in a single image. It visualises for the very first time literally traveling from everywhere to everywhere on this planet.

Do all roads lead to Rome? This is the question which inspired our project “Roads to Rome” (Dec 2015) and its successor “Flights to Rome” (Jun 2018). The proverb “all roads lead to Rome” is, by a closer look, a very interesting suggestive mobility statement. The goal of R2R was to find an automated way to visualize this saying.

F2R addresses two additional aspects which the authors couldn’t figure out for the first iteration of the project back in 2015: 1. from really everywhere to everywhere on a global scale and 2. intermodal traveling of more than a single (road) mode of transport.