WP BrandStudio & Bank of America: How green bonds work by WP BrandStudio, The Washington Post

The Washington Post’s in-house creative agency WP BrandStudio and Bank of America partnered to produce a year-long series showcasing how responsible growth strategies are helping customers and communities, while also generating strong financial performance for shareholders. How Green Bonds Work is a multi-linear infographic allowing users to become experts while exploring the ins and outs of green bonds.

Amid growing uncertainty about the United States’ level of commitment to the Paris climate accord and capitalizing on recent events such as Earth Day, we engaged Washington Post readers with this informative, highly interactive experience. This kind of multilinear infographic is a first-to-market execution for WP BrandStudio – opening up the storytelling possibilities for data-driven subjects and inventive clients. Sections include a geometric world map that animates according to the bond type selected, as well as a step-by-step user-driven visualization of how individual investors can become involved with green bonds. he use of snackable infographics with unique interactions keeps the user's interest intact and encourages them to keep exploring. Media assets within each section include illustrations, animations, full-bleed photography and video.

KPIs for this piece (and for the entire Responsible Growth series with Bank of America) are high engagement metrics; we continuously optimize promotion and distribution to meet established benchmarks for key metrics including time spent and unique visitors.