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If the world is made of narratives, the best way to forecast our future is to understand which stories are influencing our thinking and technological imagination. By looking at outstanding top box-office sci-fi movies, we introduce interactive maps which present a comparative analysis that showcase the connection between fictional technologies and current scientific research. Envisioning is a global platform that provides technological foresight to policy and decision makers worldwide.

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    Michell Zappa - Founder; Arthur Soares - Head of Product; Thiara Cavadas - Head of Research; Beatryz Rodrigues - Researcher; Cintia Ferreira - Head of Operations; Quentin Ladetto - Deftech Program Director; Laura Del Vecchio - Editor & Reviewer; Lidia Zuin - Editor; Lucas Munhoz - Development; Luciana Dos Anjos - Researcher; Rafel Pelonsini - VP Envisioning Brasil; Thomas Rezende - Head of Design
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