This is not a graph (Ceci n'est pas un graph) by KANTAR HEALTH

"This is not a graph" is an internal initative created by the Creative and Design team of the Kantar Health Paris office.

The title "This is not a Graph" is inspired from "This is not a pipe", the famous painting by Magritte, depicting an image of a pipe and not a real pipe.

The objective of this initiative, as its title says, is to show that data does not need to be always placed in a classical graph. A graph can be done in a creative and clever way.

This initiative is meant to be a great inspiration for our colleagues who work with graphs all the time throughout the year. This initiative can open their minds on new ways to showcase their data and new ways to create their presentations.

We chose to send you the visuals we made for Mardi Gras, Easter, Music Day and Summer.

This initiative is on-going today and we are thinking of building a creative graph workshop done with our colleagues.

We hope you will like this initiative.