Internet of Elephants by CLEVER°FRANKE

Internet of Elephants is a social enterprise based in Kenya and the United States, consisting of technologists, conservationists, educators, game designers and strategists, who are working together towards a stronger connection between people and wild animals.
Because they wanted to show the power of wildlife data collection, they asked us to visually tell the stories of elephants, lions and wildebeests in Tanzania and Kenia, based on real data. We decided to create three short documentaries about the animals, in which we would visualize their ways of living and coping with changing environments. By doing this, we helped Internet of Elephants to create more awareness for their mission.
First, we collected the data from organizations that equipped wild animals with GPS-trackers. Then we searched for interesting patterns in the data, by analyzing and comparing the different migration patterns. We then presented the data to conservationists, who provided us with more context and expertise. After selecting the data from three different types of animals (lions, wildebeests and elephants), we created storyboards. Finally, using height maps and satellite images of the locations, we recreated the landscapes in 3D, on which we plotted the data.
By visualizing animal migration patterns and behavior through data-driven animations, we demonstrate the power of data in the field of wildlife preservation.