Infographic of Lingyu's Life by Ruby Zhou Lingyu

By list and analysis data of my life in chronological order, I got a life trajectory distribution.
I divide my life into four main parts, education, family’s activities, friend’s activities and solitude. Meanwhile, there are four colors to represent them, blue stands for education, green means family’s activities, purple indicates friend’s activities, and orange represents solitude. So readers will be able to see how much each item roughly accounts for my life at once, at one glance.
Furthermore, each circle represents one year since 1991 when I born to 2017. Dotted lines are shown every five years to identify the map more clearly. As you can see, there are many dots with different colors. These dots are used to show the frequency of family’s activities, friend’s activities and solitude occurring at different times. For instance, the family’s activities mostly gathered when I was young and then decrease as I grew older. On the contrary, the frequency of friend’s activities increase. Also, I represent my educational stages in five different colors, Elementary school, middle school, high school, undergrad school and Grad school. Those bigger dots with dark gray circles show important things happened in my life.