Social Pharma by Rubén Arribas Arnau

It is a web portal to show a real-time analysis and report of all posts on any forum/blog/social network about health. The key point of this site is the idea, which could be applicable to any area, not just for health. Imagine, from economy (banks, pension plans, savings accounts, etc.), to sports (teams, players, championships, etc...). Also we could base the web on news or any other kind of information.

Right now, Social Pharma is still on beta version and has the next specifications:

The data is segmented between the next areas:

ASUs (Active Social Users)

You can find inside the ranking of all segments based on number of mentions in Social Media, in order to promote and offer all of our digital services:

Drug Monitoring
Digital reputation watch
Patient journey
Switching & Breaking points
KOL Mapping
Health SEO Positioning
Events & News Monitoring (Twitter)

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