The Rise and Fall of Greater China's Economy by Liuhuaying Yang; Zhengyan Yu

China's economy has grown rapidly since its economic reforms and increasing openness to trade, however, Hong Kong and Taiwan's economic performance in recent years has gradually slowed. The Fortune 500 index is generally considered as a mirror of the economy. Here, we use data visualization to test this hypothesis: Can company ranking reflect economic growth? From those visualizations, we can conclude that China companies' performances are getting better, and there is a trend that more Chinese companies are entering the Fortune 500 list. Likewise, there are more Hong Kong companies on the list, and basically, Hong Kong company rankings are going upward. As for Taiwan, its economy has experienced various ups and downs, and fewer new Taiwanese companies have entered the list. To conclude, China and Taiwan economic fortunes are clearly reflected on the Fortune 500. However, Hong Kong's economic boom in recent years cannot be observed from the fortune 500 visualizations.