Trading with Trump by Rena Sclavos

The "Trading with Trump" infographic focuses on global trade and what stocks would initially benefit when Trump started his presidency based on what he has said during his campaign.
Of Trump’s many policies the graphic focuses mainly on the U.S. connections with other countries. The policies connecting countries can be found in; Trade, National Defence, Tax, Immigration, Regulations, Economy and his policy in Foreign Affairs and defeating ISIS.
Another of Trump’s focuses, that of ‘bringing jobs back to Americans’ aided in selecting the winning stocks for the graphic. The stocks listed in the graphic are American companies whose services will be required when putting such policies into place, and/or American companies that would benefit from a tax break when bringing their money back into the country.
During a trade war Trump needs American companies to bring money back into the country this is because China may withdraw funding to the U.S. causing a recession.
The second part of the graphic focuses on global trade and the initial financial loses when the policies are put into place. The losses are based on the global trading gains in 2015.