How Much It Takes to Get an Abortion in the 'PURPLE' State of Florida? by University of Miami

2022 saw the historic overturning by the U.S. Supreme Court of the landmark Roe v. Wade, which has dramatically raised concern about the accessibility to abortion services in the states of Deep South. Abortion still remains legal in Florida. However, a new state law of a 15-week ban with limited exceptions is now in effect.

In order to explore the financial impact of Roe's overturn on Florida's abortion access, the project tried to analyze the state's non-medical abortion costs including transportation and lodging expenses for a round trip, based on self-collected statewide abortion facility datasets, combined with interactive infographics features.

The goal of this data-driven story is to understand the potential financial predicament that arose from the end of Roe that women may risk undergoing. The project is also trying to deliver informative messages to people who need help with the selection of abortion care in the particular region.