Infographic For Global Climate Change by Shangning Wang, Arizona State University

Global climate change is currently a serious problem in our society, influencing the Earth's future. It causes many effects on our environment, such as glaciers shrinking, ice on rivers and lakes melting earlier, plants and animals’ ranges shifting, and many species of animal are disappearing. According to NASA’s reports, extreme weather events around the world have increased over recent years. This poster shows the details and evidence of global climate change. How can we educate people with design work? Can design work influence people’s attitude on global warming and stable climate? I hope this poster can teach people the truth of global climate change. I want to prove to people how bad global climate change actually is, and appeal for a fight against this situation. Design and art can be efficient strategies for helping control global climate change. The effort we put on this topic is absolute worthwhile and significant. It will gradually attract more attention and influence peoples' minds on global climate change. We can save the world with our work, and should never give up our powerful information weapons.