Illuminating Millions of Millenial Fashion Grabs by Holition

Holition partnered with innovative fashion app Grabble (known as 'Tinder' for Fashion), to develop an artistic real-time visual representation showing the vast amount of data Grabble receives in any given week .

The real time data analyses over £50m of 'Grabbed' items. These are the fashion, beauty and lifestyle products saved into people’s digital wish-lists by male and female users active in a week - allowing for popular trends and patterns to emerge. The colourful piece of digital art brings to life how fluidly and constantly people are 'Grabbing' products day and night, while allowing strategic connections to be made between time, gender and retailer. Holition’s team designed an imaginative data visualisation where the data flows in a circular motion towards a central hub, making it possible to see, at a glance, best performing products by gender, brand, price and even timing of the ‘grab’.

Dan Murray, Co-founder at Grabble says: "We see at least 1m interactions per day through the app but with Holition's help, we've been able to transform dots and dashes into a stylish and engaging piece of art. It's not only aesthetically appealing but will be useful for the many retailers we work with in helping them visualise the buying patterns of our audiences at different times of the day/week."

The work was showcased at the Millenial 2020 Conference in London and Singapore and can be seen on this video link