Workforce in Elderly Care in 2015 by Deloitte Consulting

This online infographic shows the current figures about employment in elderly care in the Netherlands. Depicted in strong visuals, one can easily see in one overview what the headlines are. It builds up from main figures, like total employment in the Dutch health care, to more detailed questions about (a.o.) trends, satisfaction, absenteeism and level of education. The viewer understands in just a glimpse the status of the workforce in the elderly care. This infographic does not only show static pictures, as one scrolls down the page the dynamics make this infographic more lively. The simplicity of the colors, matching the ActiZ theme won’t exhaust the viewer’s eyes.
The infographic is published on the Actiz webpage, so it is publicly available. This way it provides transparency around the current situation in the Netherlands in the area of employment in elderly care. By providing transparency, it helps creating awareness for this industry which is highly in demand due to ageing of the Dutch population. The ageing of the population is also reflected in the trend figures. To illustrate, a trend of unbalanced growth in the workforce of this industry is shown.
Another main trend the figures illustrate, is that the demand for higher educated personnel has increased. This asks for attention from the government to make sure these trends are governed well.