qualitative Infographic by Remon Geyser would like to submit the graphic work from our very own Rising Star, Anja Laubsher. We are a qualitative research startup based out of Johannesburg, South Africa. We live in a continent that places so much importance on passing information and stories through the oral tradition. Because of this, we have always believed in the power of qualitative methodologies to bring to life the diverse populations, religions, languages and belief systems across more than 50 countries.

As a startup, we were always frustrated in ourselves by following the tradition of delivering 100+ page powerpoints to clients, which were rarely shared internally, and got lost in our clients’ file directories. We decided we needed to tell our stories differently, so brought on Anja, who is a trained graphic designer that wanted to break into research and strategy (lucky us!).

This work in particular, was the summary findings for one of our clients, from our flagship product, Sense Check. The methodology includes using creative professionals to help develop, audit, and provide feedback to brands during the very early stages of their campaign development. Because verbatims from professionals tend to be very rich in substance, we always like to bring those to the forefront. However, Anja also wanted to surface some of the main findings that the panel had identified, without the client needing to browse through 100 pages of raw text or ugly crosstabs.

Anja’s use of color tones, and literally “out of the lines” graphics also reflect our relationship with our panel of over 100k creative professionals. We always try to strike a balance between serving our clients (like Unilever, L’Oreal, GSK, and Barclay’s) while remaining engaging (if not hip) to our creative professionals. The end result, is a unique personality that tends to warm up the room when we present our findings to the client.

We were motivated to try this presentation style out on this particular project because the client did not have an in-house researcher who could sift through the powerpoint to find the main insights. Because this visual was so clearly articulating the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign (and is pretty stimulating visually), the client was able to immediately digest and then implement the suggestions. They have become one of our biggest clients to date.

Anja had very little research experience when she started with, but is now managing accounts and projects for clients like Unilever, General Motors, GSK in challenging markets like Northern Nigeria, Ethiopia, India and Japan. She believes that there is more room to incorporate infographics, visual charts and even storyboards to communicate with clients and our creative community alike.

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