Nokia Lumia - Retail Mystery Shopping Video by Milbert Sosmeña / Anne von Behr

TNS has been a partner of Nokia since 2010 for the evaluation of their retail execution through a global Mystery Shopping Program across 14 markets. Considering the rapid pace of introducing new models in the Smartphone category, Nokia needed to train store staff (who are usually employed by independent stores) on the key selling features and benefits of Lumia, secure the staff's endorsement of the product while at the same time, ensure proper deployment and activation of their point-of-sale material/live devices in a timely and impactful manner.

TNS' role was to ensure that Nokia's retail execution across these 14 markets were measured, monitored via:
• a fast and timely method to ensure that relevant stakeholders can immediately action on the recommendation
• a clear, succinct and straightforward manner as the audience were from the sales team who were not necessarily research-savvy and only wanted the core diagnostics of the findings for immediate implementation
• a consistent approach across all levels of management – from Global, country heads and Field Force staff and retailers within each market
• an impactful and engaging manner to help drive action from the results and continued support for Mystery Shopping program

As an urgent response to this key action point, TNS proposed and executed a Digital Video reporting across all 14 markets under the global program. The deliverable was a video template that can be replicated and revised based on the results of the different markets covered by the global program.

Apart from delivering results in a fast, concise, consistent and impactful manner, the Digital report also had functional benefits within Nokia's Business, namely:
• Less man-hours – local team does not need to set up multiple meetings with their field teams and discuss the results, as they only needed to send the videos
• Improving turn around – instead of waiting for local team availability local team can setup individual small meetings to discuss the video's results for immediate deployment.
• Retention of figures – Local team mentioned it's now easier to recall scores / levels and insights taken from the report

The Digital Video report follows the following format:
• A 3.5 minute video that highlights key findings from the report
• The video is uploaded and distributed through a secure Vimeo account
• The video can be downloaded or streamed immediately from the link to enable quick access to the data reflected inside.

The URL below contains the secure link to the sample output from one of our markets under the program.
Password: Jeremiah2911

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