Holobiont Urbanism by Parsons School of Design

Holobiont Urbanism is a research endeavor that sets out to study, map, and visualize the microbiome of New York City, in order to reimagine the city as more than a vast metropolis, but rather as a complex and adaptive biological superstructure. Using a design aesthetic crafted from a scientific framework, quantitative and artistic methods are used to produce data visualizations. The project seeks to distort one's perception to see the city through the lens of a microbial world.

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    This project is a research endeavor undertaken in partnership with the MIT Media Lab’s Playful Systems Group headed by Kevin Slavin. >> Kevin Slavin _MIT Media Lab _Principal Investigator >> Miguel Perez _MIT Media Lab _Project Lead _Hive Engineer >> Regina Flores Mir _Parsons School of Design _Design _World Development _Data Visualization >> Chris Woebken _Extrapolation Factory _Design _Microbe Development >> Devora Najjar _The Cooper Union _Science _Sample Collection _DNA Extraction _DNA Sequencing >> Dr. Elizabeth Hénaff _Weill Cornell Medical College _Science _Computational Biology _DNA Sequencing >> Dr. Chris Mason _Weill Cornell Medical College _Science _Science Advisor
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