Solar System 360 Degree Tour! by Thought Café

Take a 360 degree virtual tour of our Solar System, with the help of astronomer and Crash Course host Phil Plait! From start to finish, the viewer is guided through from Planet to Moon to Meteor, with additional information about temperature, composition, orbit, and more. For the most immersive #360Video experience use Cardboard with the YouTube Android app. If you do not have Cardboard, you can use the YouTube apps for Android or iOS and move your mobile device to look around.

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    Director: Jonathon Corbiere, Tyler Sammy Producer: Jonathon Corbiere, Tyler Sammy Design: Suzanna Brusikiewicz Original Music: Allan Levy Narrator: Phil Plait Animators: Jonathon Corbiere, Tyler Sammy, Corey MacDonald Illustrator: Kelsey Heinrichs Support: Crash Course
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