RPP Intranet by Robin Partington & Partners Studio Baako

We have developed a system that allows a variety of users, from the Studio Librarian to the HR Partner or the Managing Partner of our architectural practice to access relevant, attractive and clear information from an interconnected and easy to use system. The way that our data is displayed has been designed to be totally transparent. The information presented is simple and direct, yet vibrant. Our intranet is a tool which allows us to make business decisions therefore it cannot be overcomplicated or distracting, making our designs concise, sharp and distinct. We believe that it is very easy to know the difference between good design and bad design. Our software must be well designed and if the market does not offer a ready-made solution then we will design our own! Of course the statistics must be accurate, but they must also be easy to read, navigate through and, wherever possible, a joy to look at.

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