Inspiration: Star Wars, visualized

With The Force Awakens quickly becoming last year's biggest hit movie it's no surprise that numerous artists decided to visualize stuff that happened "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away." Here for your inspiration are four fantastic graphics based on the Star Wars saga.

Star Wars Sentiment Analysis
This visualization analyzes the location, characters and dialogue of Star Wars: A New Hope. 

Star Wars Sentiment


The Force Accounted
This infographic identifies, measures, and categorizes every single use of The Force during the first 6 Star Wars movies.

force accounted


Aligning the Stars of Star Wars
Connecting the actors of the Star Wars series with other movies they have in common.

Stars Aligned

Star Wars Episode IV in one 123-m long infographic
SWANH.NET shows the narrative & dialogue of the first Star Wars movie as a richly-detailed vertically-scrolling infographic.



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