Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2014

Big thanks to everyone who entered this year’s Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards!

Find out who won via our online Showcase


  • There are six categories to enter work into:

    • Data Visualization
    • Infographic
    • Interactive Visualization
    • Motion Infographic
    • Tool
    • Website

    Each entry must be a single piece of work as we do not accept series. If you have done a series and want to enter them all as individuals, you must complete a new entry for each single design.

    All shortlisted entrants will be invited to a rather nice party in London, England in November to find out who the winners are.

    Before you enter have a look at the following check list:

    • Have a working web link and/or image file ready to upload
    • Full name credits
    • Description of work, maximum 500 words
    • Payment details (via PayPal)

    Format specifications

    If you are submitting a URL please ensure that it will be live until at least 12th November 2014 when the awards ceremony is hosted in London.

    Web work should be at least 1024 pixels wide at a minimum of 72dpi. Everything else should ideally be 2048px wide at 300dpi.


    $10 per entry for students

    $20 per entry for individuals

    $75 per entry for corporates/design agencies


    The deadline for entries is midnight (EST) on Monday 15th September 2014.

    Click here to review the terms and conditions of entry.

  • We award a bronze, silver and gold prize in each category:

    • Bronze – $500
    • Silver – $1,000
    • Gold – $1,500

    Special awards

    • Studio Award – $1,000
    • Best Individual Contribution Award – $1,000
    • Student Award – $1,000
    • Corporate Award – $1,000
    • Community Award – $1,000
    • Most Beautiful Award – $5,000
  • Judges

    Alberto Cairo, University of Miami

    Aziz Cami, Kantar

    Giorgia Lupi, Accurat

    David McCandless, Information is Beautiful

    Stefanie Posavec, Designer and data artist

    Duncan Swain, IIB Studio

    Nathan Yau, FlowingData

    Our panel of esteemed judges will draw up a long list for each category which will then be published online. Then the judges will whittle it down further to a short list. The shortlisted work will be showcased on the awards site and you, the dataviz community, will be asked to vote on your favorite piece of work in each category. Your votes and the votes of our judges will then decide who is covered in glory and crowned the winners!


    July 9 2014 – Awards open for entries

    September 15 2014 – Deadline for entry submissions

    October 6 2014 – Awards jury publish the category long lists

    October 13 2014 – Awards jury publish the shortlists for each category online. The online community can then vote for their favourite entries on the awards website

    November 12 2014 – Winners are announced at an awards ceremony in London

    Foreign language

    If your entry is in another language please submit the original foreign language entry and send us a translation via email to, making sure to include your name and entry details.


    There is no date limitation for when work was created. Work that was entered into the awards in 2012 or 2013 cannot be re-entered this year.

    Judging criteria

    Submitted pieces will be based on the following criteria:

    • Is it appropriate?
    • Does it achieve its objectives?
    • Is it original?
    • Is it beautiful? 
  • Confused, baffled, not sure which category to enter… get in touch with us and we’ll do our very best to help: