Migration in the Census and in the News by CLEVER°FRANKE, University of Sheffield, The Migration Observatory, VisualisingData

For The Migration Observatory in Oxford, CLEVERFRANKE created two different visualizations exploring the topic of migration; the first focusing on quantitative data taken from the 2011 UK census, the second dealing with 7 years of news coverage on the topic. On such a complex issue, we kept the visualization types and the descriptive texts as simple as possible while staying true to the data. The census visualization features a series of simple charts to dissecting the topic, rather than combining everything in a single complex visualization. The news visualizations features recognizable keywords, people and terms, so the user can focus on the change over time and the difference between sources. The project helps the Migration Observatory in communicating its independent research in support of a balanced discussion about migration, away from populist politics. Besides, the use of statistics, fact checking, and data visualization are becoming increasingly common in popular media. Providing information through an interactive experience moves away from hard to digest reports into something that is more sustainable at communicating results and driving content.