Cost of Life in France by Hassen Chaieb

This interactive data visualization is a usefull tool to know the cost of living in some cities in France.
We can choose to compare prices of groceries, housing or fun and shopping with the three buttons on the left, then, we can click on a city to emphasize the line chart of this city.
The line chart represents the price (y axis) of some products (x axis). Hovering on the little circles of the line chart will show you the price of the selected product for the selected country. Why a line chart?
Having a descrete number of products, 5 or 6, the line chart does not appear to be the right choice to visualize this data. But the strength of the line chart is that it links the dots of the same country, showing us if a city has a general cost of living higher or lower than the other cities. For example we can easily see that the cost of life in Nice is higher than in Brest.