Does Every Female Character in Disney/Pixar Movies Basically Have the Same Face? by Katie Coughlan

I have always loved Disney and Pixar movies, growing up with classics like Toy Story and Finding Nemo. Watching these as a girl, I was mostly oblivious to the similarities between women characters. I recently read this article by Isis Madrid which references a Tumblr post by Every Flavored Bean, claiming that nearly every female character in Disney Pixar movies has basically the same face.

I believe that Madrid raises some valid points in her article. After looking at her readers' comments, however, I was appalled at how many people thought her words were absurd. The vast majority of comments did one of three things: justified Disney for infantilizing female faces, claimed that Madrid left too many female characters out of her research that disprove her argument, or accused feminists of "finding something else to complain about".

I decided to do some detailed research for myself, and find out if female Disney Pixar characters' faces, in fact, all look the same. I started by gathering images of every character (male and female) listed on in each of the Disney Pixar full-length feature films made from 1995 to 2015. (Note: I will not be including Pixar's short films, nor any Disney movies that do not involve Pixar.)