Global Sugar-Sweetened Beverage (SSB) Tax Database by Yuqi Liao

Explore the Global Sugar-Sweetened Beverage (SSB) Tax Database, a collaborative project between Data Whale LLC and the World Bank Group. This data visualization project offers a comprehensive view of SSB tax worldwide, empowering researchers, policymakers, and advocates to make informed decisions promoting healthier choices.

Landing Page (interactive maps):
Visit the landing page ( to embark on an engaging experience. Discover SSB taxes from over 100 countries and territories creatively represented on an interactive tile map.

Data Stories Unfold (scrolly tellings):
Data Story 1 ( introduces the project's purpose and key features, highlighting its role in addressing public health challenges through SSB taxation insights.
Data Story 2 ( delves into global population coverage of SSB taxes and the products affected, emphasizing the potential impact on healthier lifestyles.
Data Story 3 ( explores existing SSB tax designs worldwide, showcasing innovative approaches adopted by policymakers to foster healthier communities.

Inclusive, Impactful, and Beautiful:
The Global SSB Tax Database is designed with inclusivity in mind, offering accessible visualizations that resonate with diverse audiences, regardless of background or ability.