Legalization: A plant that grows slowly by Couple

It is estimated that there are 240 million marijuana smokers in the world. In fact, in less than 5 countries around the world it is legal to consume it.

Despite being an ancient plant with hundreds of beneficial properties, its use has been demonized throughout the world and throughout history.

This visualization shows the history of the laws that exist on legalization and its prohibition in the last 40 years 1960-2020. We use a plant as a form of visualization to show something that has always been on our planet and the relationship, we have had with it.

Through different hierarchical trees, people can understand the evolution of marijuana laws. Each plant grows parallel to a timeline. Each branch and each leaf represent the laws and debates that took place around the prohibition or legalization.

In addition, this visualization allows us to see the contagion effect between countries, both in positive and negative aspects.

As it happens in nature, the leaves, the laws, can flourish freely or be cut by the human hand.