Stardew Valley Recipes - 100% by Alison Pitt

Explore the ultimate guide to mastering Stardew Valley’s recipes using this Tableau Public visualization. Learn how to unlock recipes and collect ingredients to make your virtual farming adventure even more exciting!

In Stardew Valley, players can use recipes to cook various dishes that give their characters energy, provide unique buffs, or can be used as gifts. Completing the whole list of recipes (finding the recipes, gathering ingredients, and cooking them) can earn you a rare achievement, too.

In this project, you’ll find a visual roadmap to help you understand all the recipes in Stardew Valley. Each point on the grid represents a recipe, with spokes representing the ingredients that make it up. Hovering over a mark gives you more information: where to get the recipe, or what season the ingredient can be gathered, for example. The entire viz is an interactive guide meant for players to have open while they’re playing, showing them exactly how to get 100% of recipes complete!

This project was borne of my own gameplay: I found the flat tabular wiki guides to Stardew Valley recipes difficult to navigate, so instead I created something that would let me pick a recipe and give me all the information I needed to complete it, without having to cross-reference multiple wiki pages.

And just like Stardew Valley, I’ve hidden three small Easter eggs for you to find, all of which will feel familiar to seasoned SDV players.

This Stardew Valley recipe guide on Tableau Public is your key to enjoying all the recipes and becoming a top chef in Stardew Valley!

Images used with permission.