Food-footprints – the impact of our nutrition on our environment by HBK Bern

Maybe we might not see the impact of the environment if we choose to eat a steak today or pulse instead – but with every choice we can help to reduce emissions produced by food(production), the water and land which is needed as well as the water which gets polluted.
To change something in our daily nutrition is one of the easiest parts to help to change the world.
For a help, the infographic combines four categories:
- emissions (kg CO₂-equivalent per kg product)
- landuse (m2 per kg product)
- wateruse (liter per kg product)
- eutrophication in g PO4-equivalent per kg product)

The products or sorted by
- planted food (fruit, vegetables,…)
- products from animals (milk, cheese, …)
- meat and fish (beef, fish,…)

It´s a choice from everyday products more or less everybody can relate to.

In addition the was an installation with three «clouds» showing the average emissions of the product categories (plant-based, products from animals, meat and fisch). You can go inside and literally feel the emissions.