Waste World by Parsons School of Design

‘Waste World’ is a multi-dimensional globe visualization that shows how the layer of the world looks like if we compare countries by their waste generation…

The Globe:
The height of the country shape represents the amount of waste accumulated over the year in 2019 from every country. Zooming out and looking at the globe from afar is recommended since the deviation of data points is very high.

The Countries:
The left-hand side is a scrollable list of countries that have data available and presented on the globe, the list consists of 257 countries Clicking on the country name and more information about the country's waste record will be shown on the top right ( purple box) - presenting information of generated waste by categories (Food, Chemical Hazard, Electronic Waste) if available from 2016 to 2019.

The Data:
The data represented on the project is from UN Portal which is Electronic Waste generated per capita, Food Waste generated per capita, and Hazardous waste generated per capita - list of countries are defined by geographic area (World (Total) By SDG regions), there are some missing data points and some countries that could not be shown on the map due to the lack of geolocation, it is not recommended to use data from this project as references for any research findings. Due to some difficulties and limited available data sources, the data may be biased and not reflect the true amount of waste generated in every country.