Tree Equity & Children in Los Angeles by Dan Shepherd

Urban trees matter to everyone, but especial children. This visualization looks at the American Forest's Tree Equity Score data set for Los Angeles through the lens of kids and their communities.
Important analysis:
- LA neighborhoods with higher percentages of children tend to have higher summer temperatures, larger minority populations, more people living in poverty, increased reporting of poor health issues and lower Tree Equity Scores.
- LA area public schools are more likely to be found in neighborhoods with below average Tree Equity.
More needs to be done in LA to ensure greater tree equity for all and the dataviz offers some insights and actions that Angelenos can use to advocate for a greener more equitable future.

Note: This viz was publicly published to Tableau Public 7/10/23. Tableau Public website will show "published" date of 5/31/22 because that is when we started working on the viz and it was privately hosted on the site until it was finished and released 7/10/23 to the public. This viz was also honored with the Tableau Public "Viz of the Day" on 8/10/23.