MyOcean Viewer: A Global Oceanic Data Visualization Tool by Lobelia Earth


The ocean has a strong influence on Earth's weather and climate, affecting our daily weather and shaping long-term climate changes. In the realm of scientific studies, acquiring the right oceanic data has often been a convoluted task, entailing complex downloads and specialised tools. Simultaneously, decision-makers are required to grasp intricate data for crucial choices about the future of our planet. In this context, we decided to create the MyOcean Viewer, a free and accessible tool for everyone.


MyOcean Viewer emerges as a sophisticated state-of-the-art instrument, offering a panoramic lens into oceanic data on a global scale. Users can delve into intricate ocean datasets effortlessly, eliminating the necessity for specialised software or convoluted data downloads.
MyOcean Viewer's 4-dimensional map envelops longitude, latitude, depth, and time. This comprehensive tool grants users the ability to immerse themselves in historical and near real-time oceanic insights spanning the entire planet. The repository offers an unprecedented spectrum of resources, encompassing satellite data, in-situ observations, and dynamic time series of the Copernicus Marine Service (the public EU programme that provides marine satellite earth observation and in situ data).
Exploring an extensive array of ocean products becomes a streamlined endeavour, guided by the MyOcean Viewer's intuitive interface. This platform is free and accessible to all, unconfined by geographical boundaries.
MyOcean Viewer aspires to elevate comprehension of Earth's oceans—a tool for exploration and profound understanding, especially for scientists and decision-makers who hold the authority to make crucial choices regarding our handling of the climate emergency.

In 2023, the new My Ocean viewer garnered over 150,000 users spanning 225 countries.