Bike Share Analysis: Do Casual Riders Use Bikes Differently Than Members? by Lisa Pederson

This case study was part of the Google Data Analytics Certificate Program. The task was to analyze rider behavior of the fictional company, Cyclistic Bike Share, to understand how members and casual riders use the bikes differently and to create a presentation to display important insights and communicate recommendations to the Executive Team. The results of the analysis would be used to create a marketing campaign targeted at converting casual riders to members. The data set that I used was publicly available from an actual bike share company located in Chicago, IL.

I created several straightforward visualizations to display how casual bike riders used the bicycles differently than members based on the data set. I organized the most pertinent and insightful visualizations from high level detail (number of rides) to increasingly detailed analysis and wrote descriptive text to highlight the insights gleaned from the data. I created a presentation using the Tableau Story feature that showcased the findings from the analysis as well as my recommendations to the (fictional) Executive Team.

As I was creating the visualizations and the presentation I kept the brand colors of the case study’s fictional bike share company in mind, as well as color choices that would be distinguishable for viewers with color deficiency. Knowing that Executives don’t have a lot of time to devote to digging into the details, I kept the visualizations simple and as clear as possible and the presentation relatively short. If this analysis and presentation had been prepared for an actual company and Executive Team, I imagined I would present the findings using Tableau or PowerPoint in a live setting.

Further details about the case study are located on my website:

The presentation is published on Tableau Public: